Regional innovation

Drive regional and international innovation, coordinate networks and connect stakeholders with the Master's degree programme "Management von regionalen Innovationsökosystemen".


Better understand how private and public actors can work together to strengthen regional economic dynamism and innovation.


Familiarise yourself with the economic, socio-political and legal framework conditions of regional network management and understand the objectives of regional and structural policy in Germany, France and the EU.


The joint degree programme of Kehl University of Applied Sciences and the University of Strasbourg is unique in its form and teaches students how to apply their acquired skills across disciplines and institutions.

Portraitfoto Giuseppe Tarantino

Giuseppe Tarantino
M.A. Management von Clustern und regionalen Netzwerken

"I wanted to utilise my interpersonal skills and fulfil my entrepreneurial inclination, as well as study in an international environment. After visiting the ITIRI and meeting the directors of the Master's programme during the open days, I had no more doubts. A perfect balance between theoretical and practical approaches, numerous lecturers from the field, many practice-oriented projects, as well as the possibility to do the dual study programme in the second year... These are the plus points of the Master's programme that convinced me."

« In this double master's programme, we are trained to become real experts in the promotion of regional cooperation and innovation, which is what led me to choose this master's degree. By studying the dynamics of public/private/research networks, we develop transversal skills in strategic management, project management, collective intelligence and regional economic development. I was also impressed by the innovative teaching offered by the two universities. The students co-design their courses."

Portraitfoto Pauline Lacherade

Pauline Lachérade
M.A. Management von Clustern und regionalen Netzwerken

At a glance

Academic degree

Type of degree

Application period

Start of studies

Places of study

Available study places


Study fees

(German-French) double degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Vollzeit oder duale Option, 4 Semester, 120 ECTS

annually 1 September

Hochschule Kehl und Institut des relations internationales (IRIUS) der Uni Straßburg


German, English, French

gefördert von der DFH

Logo Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH)

innovative and unique

Der deutsch-französische Masterstudiengang „Management von regionalen Innovationsökosystemen“ ist ein gemeinsamer Studiengang des Institut des relations internationales (IRIUS) der Universität Straßburg und der Hochschule Kehl, unterstützt von der Deutsch-Französischen Hochschule (DFH).

Study contents

International Cooperation

International Institutions | Public Institutions and Administration in Germany and France


Strategisches Management | Business & Competitive Intelligence | Projektmanagement | Supply Chain Management

Intercultural competences

Languages | Intercultural communication | Stays abroad

EU policy areas

Geopolitics and international economic policy | Cluster policy | Regional and structural policy of the EU

Cluster theory

Microeconomics of Competitiveness | Clusterkommunikation | Kreativität, Innovation und Clusterpolitik

Collective intelligence & innovation ecosystems

Innovation ecosystems in Europe and worldwide | Design and creative thinking

Course of study

The degree programme is jointly organised and supervised by the universities of Kehl, Stuttgart and Strasbourg. This means that the study locations change every semester. 

1st semester
University of Strasbourg

Beginning of September - end of January

2nd semester
Kehl University of Applied Sciences

Beginning of March - end of July

3rd semester
University of Strasbourg & Kehl University of Applied Sciences

Beginning of September - end of January

4th semester
Internship and Master's thesis

Beginning of March - end of July

Objectives of the Master's programme


The Master's programme is suitable for university graduates from many different disciplines, such as international relations, economics, social sciences, political sciences, information sciences, communication, management, law, applied foreign languages with a strong focus on business and trade, etc.


On the basis of the theoretical-analytical skills, knowledge and competences acquired, students are able to work independently in different professional fields of regional innovation ecosystems - regional network and cluster management - as well as business development, systematically and with scientific methodology.


Graduates have in-depth knowledge of the development of regional innovation ecosystems and the management of clusters, growth poles, innovation networks and other regional networks. They are familiar with the economic, socio-political and legal framework conditions of regional network management and are able to mobilise partners, define common goals, promote cooperation between national, regional and local innovation stakeholders and develop regional and cluster marketing.


Manager of competence networks and innovation systems, manager of regional networks, cluster manager, project manager, expert, expert for business intelligence, business promoter in cities and municipalities, in chambers and associations.


Admission requirement is a first degree from a (technical) college or university with at least 180 ECTS credits. A degree in the following subjects would be desirable:

International relations, economics, social sciences, political sciences, information and communication sciences, management, law, applied foreign languages with a strong focus on business and trade, etc.

Other requirements include a good general education and a solid knowledge of German, French and English (at least level B2).

Bewerben Sie sich bis zum 24. März direkt über die Plattform Trouver mon master. Bewerben Sie sich anschließend bis spätestens 30. Mai über das Online application portal der Hochschule Kehl.

Folgende Unterlagen brauchen Sie für Ihre Bewerbung:

  • Officially certified copy of your first university degree (at least 180 ECTS points) or the achievements made up to the date of application (e.g. current overview of achievements or grades, transcript of records) including information on the date of expected graduation
  • Officially certified copy of the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, general higher education entrance qualification or similar.
  • A copy of both sides of an official identity document in French or a passport with a photograph
  • 1 current passport photo
  • Proof of your language skills (German, French, English), e.g. copies of language certificates (DELF etc.), school reports, confirmation of longer stays abroad etc.
  • Application letter 
  • Curriculum vitae

After your documents have been checked by a joint admissions committee of the University of Strasbourg and Kehl University of Applied Sciences, you will be invited to the admission tests if your application is eligible. You will be informed of the exact date at the end of May, as well as the procedure for the admission tests (test and interview).

You've made it! Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will receive confirmation of your place from the university.

Important documents

Note: The module handbook and other documents of the previous Master's degree programme "Management von Clustern und regionalen Netzwerken" can be found on the previous website of the degree programme

Do you enjoy working with people? Would you like to make a solution-orientated contribution to making your region or city future-proof and crisis-proof? Then the Master's programme "Management of Regional Innovation Ecosystems" is the right place for you! Cities and regions are increasingly having to raise their profile in the competition for investors, jobs and funding. They are faced with the task of having to implement diverse transformation processes (climate protection/artificial intelligence/digitalisation etc.). These challenges can often only be mastered through the joint action of important local and regional players in networks, regional innovation ecosystems. In this degree programme, we provide the necessary practical tools to build and manage these networks.

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Drewello

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Drewello
Study programme manager

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