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Thinking Europe. Acting European. With the Master's degree programme "Europäisches Verwaltungsmanagement".


The Master's programme teaches the key foundations for working for Europe, both in Brussels and in regional administration.


Strengthen the European idea with this degree programme and actively promote peace, common values and the well-being of citizens.


There are currently 24 languages spoken in the European Union. Learn to preserve and unite the diversity of European cultures and immerse yourself in them with an internship abroad.

Portraitfoto Tanja Richt

Tanja Richt
M.A. Europäisches Verwaltungsmanagement

As part of the Master's programme, I was able to develop significantly both professionally and personally. In addition to thematic and linguistic knowledge, we learnt skills such as presenting, working in a team, time management, project and conflict management and much more. Thanks to content such as the Franco-German project weeks with students from Strasbourg, the simulation session in the European Parliament, the study trip to Brussels or the training trip to the eastern EU member states Croatia and Slovenia, no perspective or angle on the EU and how it works was left out.

During my Bachelor's degree in Public Management at Kehl University of Applied Sciences, I focussed particularly on European topics, including in the specialisation semester. For this reason, I then decided to start the Master's programme in European Public Administration Management at the universities of Ludwigsburg and Kehl. Both the many theoretical subjects such as European law and policy in Ludwigsburg and the various practical seminars in Kehl, e.g. on cross-border cooperation or EU funding, complemented each other perfectly. From these two semesters, I was able to gain a great deal of theoretical knowledge as well as a lot of practical experience, which provides a good basis for my daily work in Brussels. Of course, the practical semester was also a special experience, during which I was able to familiarise myself very well with working in the European capital of Brussels.

Portraitfoto Joel Mueller

Joel Müller
M.A. Europäisches Verwaltungsmanagement

Jetzt auf einen Studienplatz bewerben! Das aktuelle Verfahren läuft noch bis zum 20. Juni 2024.

At a glance

Academic degree

Type of degree

Application period

Start of studies

Place of study

Available study places

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Full-time degree, 4 semesters, 120 ECTS

1 January to 20 June

annually 1 October

Hochschulen Kehl und Ludwigsburg

25 at the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg

Higher service

The Master's degree programme opens up the possibility of becoming a civil servant and direct access to the higher administrative service.

It offers civil servants in the higher administrative service the opportunity to advance to the higher administrative service.

Study contents

European law

Legislative Procedure | Institutional and Substantive European Law, (European Economic Law)

Administration & project management

Management of international projects and intercultural conflict resolution | networking and benchmarking

Intercultural competences

Languages | Intercultural skills | Stays abroad

EU policy areas

European Public Policies | EU Environmental Policy | Social Policy

Historical dimensions

Historical development and models of European integration

Finances & Taxes

Fiscal aspects of economic and monetary union | Economic dimensions of European integration

Course of study

The degree programme is a joint degree programme offered by the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg. The programme therefore takes place alternately at both universities.

1st semester
Hochschule Ludwigsburg

Beginning of October - end of January

2nd semester
Kehl University of Applied Sciences

Beginning of March - end of July

3rd semester
Semester abroad

Beginning of September - end of February

4th semester
Alternatively Hochschule Ludwigsburg oder Kehl

Beginning of March - end of July

Objectives of the Master's programme


The Master's programme is suitable for university graduates, in particular from a university of public administration, or from the fields of law, economics or social sciences, who are looking for a career entry with European connections in municipalities, state or federal ministries or European administrations with the possibility of access to the higher civil service, NGOs or business.


In the context of progressive European integration, the aim is to provide an in-depth understanding of the administrative, legal and social structures, including their procedures, the politics, economy and culture of the member states of the European Union and the European institutions.


The communicative, legal, economic and organisational expertise you acquire will enable you to work competently on the ongoing European integration in senior staff and cross-sectional functions. As an expert in European administration, you will specialise in the various administrative levels at both European and national level. You can also work in NGOs, cross-border cooperation institutions, associations and foundations as well as in the business world.


Admission requirement is a first degree from a (technical) college or university with at least 180 ECTS credits. It must be possible to provide evidence of a degree with above-average results in one of the above-mentioned areas.

As some of the lectures are held in English, a good command of English is also required.

The MEPA is a cooperative study programme between the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg. Apply for the start of the course in October from 1 January to 20 June of the same year via the Application portal of the Ludwigsburg University of Applied Sciences

For the application you need:

  • Proof of university entrance qualification
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Bachelor's certificate (alternatively a current overview of grades)
  • Letter of motivation in English or French
  • Proof of German language skills and residence permit, if applicable

The joint admissions committee of the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg organises selection interviews after the application deadline. The selection interviews are expected to take place at the beginning of July each year. The selection interview dates are allocated by the degree programme management.

You've made it! Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will receive confirmation of your place.

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