Become a French expert in public administration and cross-border cooperation! Kehl University offers a voluntary study track called "Filière Française", which is completed with an additional certificate.

Language skills

Thanks to the language course and plenty of language practice, you will have very good French language skills (at least B2) after successfully completing the Filière Française.

Experience abroad

Through internships and courses at partner universities and in the specialisation area Europe, you will gain a wealth of experience in France and with French stakeholders.


As part of the Filière Française, you will study the French and German administrative and political systems, the EU and cross-border cooperation in depth, so that you will acquire relevant specialist knowledge in these areas.

Alina Gola
B.A. Public Management

"I've wanted to learn French for a long time and finally got started with the language course in the first semester. The Filière Française offers the opportunity for cross-border exchange and prepares you really well for international cooperation.

I myself will soon be doing an internship abroad at the Délegation de Mayotte on the island of Réunion and will be able to put what I have learnt into practice straight away. My stay on the French island will certainly not only broaden my professional horizons, but will also be a valuable experience on a personal level."


Filière Française students take various courses throughout their degree programme and earn an additional certificate with their Bachelor's degree. The study track is aimed at the new cohort of the Bachelor's degree programme in Public Management and begins in March. The study track is particularly suitable for students from Germany and France who are looking for an internationally oriented degree programme. 

1st semester

The introductory module of the Filière Française consists of block courses to familiarise yourself with the language and acquire initial skills.

To improve and expand your French language skills, you can take a French language course right away.

The Trinational Summer School with Sciences Po Strasbourg and the Universities of Freiburg and Basel is a special highlight in the first semester.

2nd & 3rd semester

During the 2nd and 3rd semesters, you will take a proseminar and a specialised project as part of your regular studies. As part of the Filière Française, it is a good idea to choose courses with a connection to France.

In addition, the partner universities offer various courses and workshops.

4th semester

During the practical phase in the 4th and 5th semesters, students should complete an internship abroad in France or in a French-speaking country.

Towards the end, you will write your Bachelor's thesis, which may also be related to France - an ideal opportunity for you to deepen and apply the knowledge you have acquired in the Filière Française. 

6th semester

For the 6th semester, you can choose to specialise in Europe. The sub-module "Project management in cross-border situations", which is attended with students from IPAG Strasbourg, is particularly exciting.

Become part of the Filière Française!

Bewirb dich ganz normal auf einen Studienplatz im Bachelorstudiengang „Public Management“ und reiche nach Erhalt deiner Zusage deine Einschreibungsunterlagen für die Filière Française per E-Mail an ein.

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