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Are you looking for a varied professional field, a meaningful job and an opportunity to realize your ideas? The Bachelor's degree "Public Management" is your entry into public administration, where a colorful variety of exciting tasks awaits you!


With the Bachelor's degree "Public Management", you can expect an ideal mix of law, management and business studies as well as various social science subjects.


Thanks to the high practical component, you can get a taste of many areas of public administration during your studies and thus find your place in your future career.


In your work in public administration, you look after the well-being of society on a daily basis and can commit yourself to working with and for the people around you.

civil servant status

Study with financial freedom: As a civil servant on revocation, you will receive around 1,400 euros per month from the state of Baden-Württemberg throughout your studies.

Philipp Schlindwein
B.A. Public Management

"I became aware of the degree through my internship at the city of Bruchsal and then decided on it because of the wide range of career opportunities, among other things. Thanks to the many internships during the course, you can get to know different administrative areas and quickly recognize what suits you best. 

I have already figured out that I would like to work in an area with a lot of contact with people that also requires organizational skills."

"In my experience, there really is something for everyone. The subjects range from law and business administration to psychology, human resources and organization, and there are a lot of opportunities for student involvement, too.

My first year at university, I was active in the General Student Council (AStA) and then became part of the Student Staff Council (APR). I'm also on the board of the PR and the Politics departments, I enjoy being a part of the cheerleader and I'm involved with some other departments."

Maxi Schröder
B.A. Public Management

Be quick and secure your place now!

It is now possible to obtain final admission to the degree program as soon as you have been accepted for your first internship or gain approval to shorten the course because of your prior training. 

Come by and find out more!

At a glance

Academic degree

Type of degree

Application period


Status while studying


Available study places

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Full-time degree, 6-7 semesters, 180 ECT

annually August to 15 July of the following year

jährlich 1. März | Start Einführungspraktikum: 1. September des Vorjahres


around 1,400 euros per month

800 per year at the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg

Study contents


Europarecht | Staatsrecht | Verwaltungsrecht | Kommunalrecht | Sozialrecht | Zivilrecht | Arbeits- und Beamtenrecht

Business Administration & Finance

Public Business Administration | Controlling and Investment Accounting | Municipal Finance


Personal-, Informations- und Organisationsmanagement

Social Studies

Economics | Sociology | Psychology

Filière Française

Become a French expert in public administration and cross-border cooperation! Kehl University offers a voluntary study track called "Filière Française", which is completed with an additional certificate.

Course of study

The course begins with a six-month introductory internship in a public administration. Here you will learn some basics and familiarize yourself with the tasks and working methods in at least two areas of your placement.

The introductory internship may be omitted for persons who have previously completed training as an administrative assistant.

After the introductory internship, the so-called preparatory service begins with 17 months of foundational studies. This corresponds to three semesters, during which you can also enjoy lecture-free periods. Each module of the foundation course ends with exams.

Following your foundational studies, you will complete a 14-month practical phase. During this time, you will get to know four areas in different administrations as part of your internships. You will spend at least three months in each department or administration. You will complete one of the four internships abroad, in another federal state or in the private sector. A small municipality with less than 10,000 inhabitants is also on the agenda. The interlinking of theory and practice takes place in practical work groups throughout Baden-Württemberg.

Part-time internships: Students who meet the requirements of Section 69 (1a) of the Civil Service Act (LBG) (e.g. parental status with a child under 18) can apply to complete the practical phase part-time (50% of regular working hours).

In the last three months of this phase of internships, you will write your Bachelor's thesis, initially parallel to your current internship. In the last month, you will be completely released from work for this.

In the final semester, you will return to the university for the specialization course. Here you have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge you have acquired so far in one of the following eight areas:

  • Benefits
  • Regulatory Administration
  • Environmental and Planning Law
  • Europe
  • Economy and Finance
  • Local Politics
  • Information Technology and Management
  • Human Resources and Organization
6 months

Introductory internship at your first practical placement, including a four-week introductory course. 

17 months

Basic studies at Kehl University of Applied Sciences, where you will acquire theoretical knowledge in many different subjects. 

14 months

Four different internships in different administrative areas with the opportunity to spend time abroad.

6 months

In-depth studies at the university with a focus on one area of administration.

Zeitplan BPM 22

Studienstart am 01.03.2022

Zeitplan BPM 23

Studienstart am 01.03.2023

Zeitplan BPM 24

Studienstart am 01.03.2024

Future prospects

Stand up for sustainability and environmental protection.

Stand up for families, create daycare places, work with schools and support local youth work.

Be responsible for personnel planning and development and enable an employee-friendly working environment.

Organise the construction of playgrounds, sports halls etc. and create affordable housing.

Organise festivals, culture days, concerts and other events.

Work closely with political decision-makers and maybe even become mayor yourself.


Hinweis: Aufgrund einer Systemänderung sind Bewerbungen und Immatrikulationen zwischen dem 03.06.2024 bis voraussichtlich 16.06.2024 nicht möglich.

  • University entrance qualification (HZB) OR the last two certificates leading to a HZB 
  • Fulfilment of the requirements under civil service law, including possession of German citizenship or citizenship of another EU Member State or another state party to the EEA Agreement

Apply for a study place in our Online application portal. Here you can specify up to ten desired partners for your first internship, which will then automatically receive your application documents.

If you have already completed an apprenticeship as an administrative assistant or in the intermediate non-technical administrative service or will complete it by 28 February 2025, you can waive the introductory internship and start your studies directly in March 2025. This eliminates the need to select the desired partners for the introductory internship.

As part of your online application, you can also let us know whether you would like to study at Kehl University of Applied Sciences or Ludwigsburg University of Applied Sciences. We will take your preference into account as far as possible. If your HZB or your last two certificates have a grade point average of 2.4 or better, we can even confirm your preferred place of study before admission if your application is successful.

Applications can be submitted annually until 15 July.

The desired internship partners you selected during the online application will now invite you to interviews. If the chemistry is right, you will be accepted and have found your practice partner for the introductory internship.

Every year, the universities of Kehl and Ludwigsburg offer a total of 800 places on the Bachelor's degree programme in Public Management. After the application process is completed on 15 July, the two universities draw up a ranking list of the best 800 applicants, who are then admitted to the course.

New: As of this year, you also have the opportunity to be admitted to a degree programme directly after you have been accepted for an introductory internship or an approved shortening of your training - before the application process is completed on 15 July. The prerequisite for this early final admission is an HZB with a grade point average of 2.0 or better.

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