Public Management Preparatory Course

Preparatory Course for the Bachelor's degree in Public Management

Starting in 2025, the University of Applied Sciences Kehl will introduce the Public Management Preparatory Course, an innovative qualification programme designed to prepare prospective European students for entry into the Bachelor's degree in Public Management.

This degree specifically qualifies students for higher-level public-sector positions at municipal and state level.

The Public Management Preparatory Course is particularly aimed at applicants from EU and EEA countries who already have some knowledge of German. During a single semester, the programme equips participants not only linguistically, but also in terms of content and methodology for the Bachelor's degree in Public Management.

Besides oral and written communication skills in German, this includes technical language skills in the field of administration, knowledge of the German state structure, political system and culture. In addition, participants are introduced to the state and administrative system of Baden-Württemberg and gain an insight into constitutional and administrative law as well as basic questions of administrative management.

Admission requirements

  • University entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences in the Federal Republic of Germany (can be checked via the Anabin portal of the German Rectors' Conference)
  • German language skills at least level B2

Applicants with a minimum language proficiency of B1 will be offered a preparatory language phase before the start of the programme to elevate their German language skills to B2. This phase includes live virtual language courses and self-directed online courses, supplemented by various learning materials.


The programme runs from January to June 2025, with the first two months conducted online, followed by a four-month in-person phase in Kehl. This schedule allows students to begin their Bachelor's degree in Public Management in the winter semester of 2025.

A key component of the programme is the blended learning approach, which combines digital self-study elements and compact attendance phases in Kehl. This enables efficient use of resources and offers students flexibility in the learning process.

The first 2 months take place online. The attendance phase in Kehl begins in March 2025 and ends in June 2025.

The programme consists of six modules:

  1. German language for Administration, Law and Management: specialised terminology in these areas.
  2. German as a Foreign Language (B2-C1): advanced language skills
  3. Intercultural and methodological skills:Preparation for academic work and a multicultural working environment.
  4. Constitutional Law: Basics of the German political system.
  5. Public Management: Introduction to management in the public sector.
  6. Administrative Law: The legal framework of public administration.

Practical relevance and accompanying programme

An important element of the programme is the involvement of practitioners from the public sector and excursions to administrative institutions in Baden-Württemberg. This gives participants valuable insights into practical work and promotes the exchange between theory and practice as well as networking.

The optional German+ mentoring programme offers participants the opportunity to improve their language and professional skills through tandem partnerships with native German speakers. These partnerships also contribute to the integration of participants at the University of Applied Sciences Kehl.

Completion and prospects

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive:

  • A comprehensive certificate detailing the completed modules and subjects
  • Assistance in preparing application documents for the Bachelor's degree in Public Management
  • Organisation of a remunerated introductory internship with a municipal organisation in Baden-Württemberg

Upon admission to the degree programme:

  • Monthly remuneration of € 1,400 for the entire duration of the Bachelor's degree
  • Civil servant status on revocation for the duration of studies
  • A diverse, practical and meaningful study programme with excellent prospects for securing a permanent position in the public sector in Baden-Württemberg

Tuition fee and scholarship opportunities

In 2025, the programme will be funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), making it tuition-free. Additionally, applicants can apply for one of ten DAAD scholarships, each providing 934 euros per month plus a one-time travel allowance.

From 2026, a participation fee of € 3,000 will be charged.

Application procedure

Application Deadline: By 15 October 2024 please submit the application documents listed below to

Application requirements:

  • University entrance qualification for a degree programme at universities of applied sciences in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • German language skills (at least level B2)*

* Applicants with a minimum language proficiency of B1 will be offered a preparatory language phase before the programme begins to elevate their German language skills to B2.

Application documents:

  • Application form
  • Officially recognised higher education entrance qualification
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation


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