Student portraits

Why did you choose Kehl University of Applied Sciences? What have been the highlights of your studies so far? What do you do when you're not studying? We asked students and graduates. 

Bachelor's degree programmes

"I initially completed an apprenticeship as an administrative assistant. Towards the end, I realised that I would like to take on a management position or something similar later on, so I decided to go to university. 

In addition to some interesting subjects (I personally like construction law, civil service law, constitutional and European law the most), the wide range of sports on offer is an absolute highlight at the university, where you can make lots of contacts. I've particularly enjoyed basketball, volleyball and handball so far. There are also lots of great departments where you can get involved. I myself am in the Foreigners and Refugees Department and the Environment Department.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy spending time in nature. It's easy to get to the Black Forest from Kehl and you can explore the whole Ortenau region by bike. Two tips from me: a hike to the Burgbach waterfall and a bike ride to Staufenberg Castle are definitely worthwhile!"

Alina Gola
B.A. Public Management

Marcel Hinze
B.A. Digitales Verwaltungsmanagement

"I chose 'Digitales Verwaltungsmanagement' to make a difference, to drive forward digitalisation in Germany and to use the skills I learned during my vocational training as an IT specialist for myself and my fellow human beings. It was and is important to me to drive our country forward, increase the effectiveness of work in the administration and initiate a rethink towards digitalisation."

I really like the content of the degree programme, getting to know the cogwheel of administration, how it works and how it is managed. As a student, you can also contribute your affinities and skills in a wide variety of ways and are encouraged and supported by the professors."

"I came to Kehl University of Applied Sciences through working with my home municipality to set up a youth participation programme. Working together was really fun and as a Kehl graduate, our mayor then recommended the Public Management degree programme to me. 

In my experience, there really is something for everyone on the programme. This starts with the subjects, which range from law and business studies to psychology, personnel and organisational management, but also includes the opportunities for student involvement, for example. In my very first year at the university, I was active in the General Student Council (AStA) and then became part of the Student Staff Council (APR). I am also on the board of the PR and politics departments, am active in the cheerleading squad and in other departments.

As you can probably see, I really enjoy getting involved and have been more politically interested since starting my studies than before. After graduating, I want to work towards a position as an office manager and in a few years I would like to become mayor."

Maxi Schröder
B.A. Public Management

Lisa Löwenstein
B.A. Public Management

"I really wanted to do a dual study programme so that I would be financially secure during my studies and be able to gain practical experience alongside the theory. I also wanted a degree course that had something to do with organisation, administration and planning. During my research, I came across Kehl University of Applied Sciences. 

I like the small groups in which we spend our theory phases, as this quickly creates a good sense of cohesion and many of the lecturers even know you personally. It doesn't feel so anonymous, which I like. I was also looking for a good balance between theory and practice in my degree programme and I found it here. I also like the fact that we can get a taste of many different administrative areas during the practical phase and even have the opportunity to do an internship abroad. Translated with (free version)

In my free time, I like to go to the Rhine with my friends or sometimes we take the tram to Strasbourg. In summer, we often go to the quarry pond in Kork to cool off. Otherwise, I go cheerleading, abdominal-legs-po or to the university cinema, all organised by the SSV departments. I'm also a member of some of the student councils myself, which I think is a really good way to get to know other students and help shape university life at the same time."

"My father found the course through the newspaper and I'll be honest, I was sceptical at first whether it was the right thing for me. I really want to make a difference and make a difference and was put off by my own prejudices about being a civil servant. In the end, I decided to go for it and have never regretted it. I want to help reduce the distance between citizens and the state, and the degree programme gives us the right tools to do this. The degree programme is also still very young, so we students have many opportunities to help shape it. Immediately after graduating, I'll be working in my practical municipality, and I'll see where the journey takes me after that. My career plans were only formed during my studies, because I got something here that I didn't know before: The feeling of working in a place where my work is needed."

Simon Kamuf
B.A. Digitales Verwaltungsmanagement

Michelle Pfeiffer
B.A. Digitales Verwaltungsmanagement

"I want to help shape the digital future of the country and make local authorities future-proof, which is why I chose Digital Administration Management. In addition to the combination of theory, practice, exchange and excursions in the degree programme and cool subjects such as 'Smart Cities', what I like best is the team spirit among the students. We all know each other and also do a lot together across the year groups. You're part of a real community. That really motivates you to get involved in university life. I also have a job as a research assistant in data protection, and I'm the group spokesperson and deputy chairwoman of the DVM Training Staff Council (APR), which I really enjoy."

"I became aware of the degree programme through my BOGY internship at the city of Bruchsal and then decided to do it because of the wide range of career opportunities, among other things. Through the many internships on the degree programme, you can get to know different administrative areas and quickly recognise what suits you best. Personally, I have already discovered that I would like to work in an area that involves a lot of contact with people and requires organisational skills. 

Alongside my studies, sport plays a big role in my life and I therefore enjoy taking advantage of the SSV's programmes, especially the football and volleyball training. Before my practical phase, I was also a board member of the sports department and coach of the university team. My personal highlight during my studies is always the biannual football match against our sister university in Ludwigsburg - which we have now won three times in a row." 

Philipp Schlindwein
B.A. Public Management

Emma Jürß
B.A. Public Management

"I was already interested in German law at an earlier stage and then became aware of Kehl University of Applied Sciences through an information event. The degree programme is really varied, I really like the mix of theory and practice, and the opportunity to earn money while studying is also a big plus for me. Of course, the first exams were challenging, you didn't really know where to start studying. But you quickly find your way here, discover subjects that really interest you and gradually settle into everyday university life. There are also a few events to look forward to, such as the Lubu game, the big summer party or the Ersti run at the start of term. And the SSV also offers a lot, such as cheerleading, which I dance in, and I also work in the media department, we plan and organise the university cinema every semester. And when I have nothing to do, I just go to the Rhine with friends."

"I've always enjoyed getting involved and helping out wherever I can. During my studies, I also realised how much I enjoy dealing with and working in the field of law. The lectures, but also the practical phases, have given me the opportunity to see which area of law I enjoy the most.

Through the various student associations, I can also become active and contribute my ideas and suggestions. I am a member of the PR department and therefore design the SSV's Instagram account and provide media support for events such as the annual summer party. I am also the coach of our cheerleading team. Among other things, we perform at the traditional football matches against Ludwigsburg University of Applied Sciences. You make great friends through the SSV sessions and training together. I often spend time with my fellow students in the newly designed self-study rooms. We spend time there not only to prepare joint group work, but also to chat and spend time together. When we feel like getting some fresh air, we simply grab a picnic blanket and spend a nice evening on the nearby banks of the Rhine or, in summer, at the swimming lake in Kehl."

Elisabeth Kremer
B.A. Public Management

Jessica Newman
B.A. Digitales Verwaltungsmanagement

"I had started another degree programme and then completed an apprenticeship before I discovered 'Digital Administration Management'. The enthusiasm that our degree programme generates is incredibly motivating. Whether it's the lecturers at the university, my colleagues in the internships or in my private life: DVM graduates have been needed in Baden-Württemberg's local authorities for a long time - and you can feel that in a positive way.

My career plans have not changed since I started my studies. I also work part-time as a research assistant in data protection law, where I can gain a lot of experience for my future work in the local authority. The practical phase each semester has given me a clear picture of what my future working life will look like. My career plans now simply have more substance than before!"

Master's degree programmes

"The lecture 'European Law', which focussed on the regional/cohesion policy of the EU, aroused my enthusiasm as early as my Bachelor's degree in Public Management. Combined with the positive experience of my internship abroad in Vancouver, which gave me English-language and intercultural skills, I wanted to continue my education in European law, language, intercultural and economic matters. I decided to start the Master's programme in European Administrative Management.

As part of the Master's programme, I was able to develop significantly both professionally and personally. In addition to thematic and linguistic knowledge, we learnt skills such as presenting, working in a team, time management, project and conflict management and much more. Thanks to content such as the Franco-German project weeks with students from Strasbourg, the simulation session in the European Parliament, the study trip to Brussels or the training trip to the eastern EU member states Croatia and Slovenia, no perspective or angle on the EU and how it works was left out.

During my internships abroad at the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in Brussels and at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, I had intensive contact with the institutions, funding policies and some EU projects and got to know them 'inside and out'. Looking back, the lectures on European law, the structural and investment funds (especially the ERDF, which co-finances the INTERREG programmes in the Upper Rhine region), the action programmes (Horizon and COSME should be mentioned here), in French and English and on cross-border cooperation (getting to know the Eurodistricts, the INFOBESTs) were particularly relevant for my job. The Master's programme provided me with comprehensive knowledge about the EU and Europe and prepared me perfectly for my current job."

Portraitfoto Tanja Richt

Tanja Richt
M.A. Europäisches Verwaltungsmanagement​

Clerk in the Cross-border Co-operation and Europe Department at the Karlsruhe Regional Council

Portraitfoto Joel Mueller

Joel Müller
M.A. Europäisches Verwaltungsmanagement​

Advisor to the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg at the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in Brussels

"As an advisor to the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry at the Baden-Württemberg Representation to the EU in Brussels, I fulfil a wide variety of tasks. On the one hand, I monitor and report on all legislative procedures and processes at European level that are of interest to the State Ministry. On the other hand, I maintain networks and contacts with representatives of the EU institutions and other interest groups in Brussels. In addition, I organise appointments, meetings and events for the Ministry of State's top management with representatives of the EU institutions and prepare the content of these.

During my Bachelor's degree in Public Management at Kehl University of Applied Sciences, I focussed particularly on European topics, including in the specialisation semester. For this reason, I then decided to start the Master's programme in European Public Administration Management at the universities of Ludwigsburg and Kehl. Both the many theoretical subjects such as European law and policy in Ludwigsburg and the various practical seminars in Kehl, e.g. on cross-border cooperation or EU funding, complemented each other perfectly. From these two semesters, I was able to gain a great deal of theoretical knowledge as well as a lot of practical experience, which provides a good basis for my daily work in Brussels. Of course, the practical semester was also a special experience, during which I was able to familiarise myself very well with working in the European capital of Brussels.

I was able to further develop many other skills such as presentation techniques, project management, intercultural skills and languages during the Master's programme. The study trips as well as the lectures and projects together with the French students in Strasbourg were also very interesting experiences that I was able to gain during my studies. For these reasons, I can only recommend the programme to others, as it has provided me with a very good basis for working in a very interesting, varied and responsible job in Brussels."

"The part-time Master's degree programme in Public Management is very practice-oriented and represents a wide-ranging further education programme specifically for managers or prospective managers. Fundamental topics are addressed from the perspective of managers in various modules. The heterogeneous mix of students (professional experience in different subject areas) ensures an enriching exchange in small groups and a broad network is built up not only during but also after the programme.

Kehl University of Applied Sciences is characterised by its informal atmosphere and the short distances between lecturers and students. Kehl University of Applied Sciences also offers this unique part-time Master's programme with a combination of theory and practice. The European city of Strasbourg is in the immediate vicinity. After lectures, evenings there can be spent enjoying the French flair or relaxing in Kehl's evening life."

Portraitfoto Maximilian Fetzer

Maximilian Fetzer
M.A. Public Management

Head of the "Central Administration" department, Head of the Main Office of the City of Meersburg

Portraitfoto Andrea Heim

Andrea Heim
M.A. Public Management

Federal Managing Director Catholic Adult Education Germany

"Without the degree programme, I probably wouldn't be working in a management position today. The business management expertise and the topics of HR and project management are particularly relevant for me as a managing director. What's more, an additional qualification, especially a further degree, looks good on any CV. I can absolutely recommend the Master's programme. Even though the programme was exhausting alongside work, the seminars were methodically and didactically (mostly) well designed and, above all, applicable in practice."

"I wanted to utilise my interpersonal skills and fulfil my entrepreneurial inclination, as well as study in an international environment.

After visiting the ITIRI and meeting the heads of the Master's programme during the open days, I no longer had any doubts.

A perfect balance between theoretical and practical approaches, numerous lecturers from the field, many practice-oriented projects, as well as the opportunity to do the dual study programme in the second year... These are the plus points of the Master's programme that convinced me."

Portraitfoto Giuseppe Tarantino

Giuseppe Tarantino
M.A. Management von Clustern und regionalen Netzwerken

Portraitfoto Pauline Lacherade

Pauline Lachérade
M.A. Management von Clustern und regionalen Netzwerken

"In this double Master's programme, we are trained to become real experts in promoting regional cooperation and innovation, which is what made me choose this Master's degree.

By studying the dynamics of public/private/research networks, we develop transversal skills in strategic management, project management, collective intelligence and regional economic development.

I was also impressed by the innovative courses offered by the two universities. The students help design their courses."

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