We are very happy to welcome you to our homepage about the master programme "Public Management in International Cooperation –  Designing African-European and Intra-African Relations". 

In response to the global problems of the 21st century, international cooperation is becoming increasingly important. Solutions based on partnership and intercultural understanding are indispensable. Not only are the contractual contents of international cooperation and political integration projects decisive, but their administrative implementation plays a vital role.

Governmental and non-governmental administrations in both the global North and the global South need increased expertise in understanding international contexts. The Master's programme aims to bridge administrative barriers in international cooperation and collaboration, particularly between Germany/Europe and Africa, but also intra-Africa, for example between East and West Africa. 

The existing administrative expertise at Kehl University of Applied Sciences and its partner universities is used to enable students to implement and optimise sustainable process architectures in European-African and intra-African cooperation. This involves joint planning of objectives and measures, consideration of the elementary framework conditions of the specific partners, constructive design of success-critical core processes, appropriate distribution of central roles, establishment of joint evaluation and monitoring processes in order to stabilize partnerships, reduce costs, increase efficiency and implement contents in a sustainable manner. 

The most important features of the master programme at a glance:

UniversityThe master programme is run by the university of Kehl in cooperation with its partner universities from all over Africa.
TitleGraduates will be awarded the master's degree "Master of Arts".
Duration/ ECTS-CreditsThe master programme lasts four semesters in which students will acquire 90 ECTS-Credits.
Study mode and LocationsThe master programme is an extra-occupational study programme. The attendance periods of the study programme are limited to four presence phases of which the most cover ten to twelve days per semester.  
ApplicationThe application phase starts on 11th January 2021 - 15th March 2021
StartThe master programme starts in the upcoming winter semester 2021/2022. 





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