The Student Affairs Office is responsible for, among other things,

  • advising and assisting students (bachelor's and master's degree candidates)
  • issuing student IDs and certificates
  • certifying transcripts
  • students' notification of illnessjob listings
  • accommodation listings
  • and other needs

The Admissions Office is reponsible for, among other things,

  • application and admission to the program of study
  • organization of the student aptitude test
  • assignment to the University of Public Administration
  • and other questions

Opening hours:  07:45 - 16:00 h

Staff members

Fien, Johannes

Locher, Gudrun



Dr. Brandenburg (MdB) besucht die Hochschule Kehl


Thomas Marwein (MdL) besuchte die Hochschule Kehl


Oliver Herbst ist Kanzler der Hochschule Kehl