Kehl University is in the process of comprehensively redeveloping its organisation. The aim is to continuously improve the organisation by constantly adapting the structure and processes to changing external conditions and consequently new needs and expectations of its target and stakeholder groups. This approach follows the idea of “designing the organisation from the outside to the inside".

In a first step, three new organisational units were formed, which reflect the main fields of competence of the University and serve as external interfaces for the defined target and stakeholder groups:

  • Studies & Teaching
  • Continuing Education
  • Research

These three competence fields are also found in the University's strategy and development plan and are supported by the following organisational units:

  •  PFS - Personnel, Facility Management & Services,
  •  FMA - Financial Management & Administration,
  •  INT – International Affairs
  •  ITS – IT-Service
  •  SEQ - Strategic Development & Quality Management

These organisational units, which are in charge of cross-sectional tasks of the University, are steered by the rectorate through a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach. 

The rectorate, as the central core of the organisation, is organised as a collegial body that jointly decides on the overall strategic direction and goals of the University for each area of responsibility represented by the organisational units.

The rectorate receives organisational and managerial support from the steering support team, which builds the second inner layer of the organisational structure, visualised below.

In a next step, customer-oriented services and quality concepts are being developed, which will build the basis for professional processes and thus satisfied target groups.




Am 3.11.2020 ab 18.30 ist es wieder soweit: der Internationale Abend öffnet seine, diesmal virtuellen, Türen. An einem Auslandspraktikum interessierte...


Dr. Brandenburg (MdB) besucht die Hochschule Kehl


Thomas Marwein (MdL) besuchte die Hochschule Kehl