The student bodies and committees represent the students of Kehl University and take care of their needs and concerns in various ways.

Student Council (AStA)

The Student Council (AStA) serves as a first point of contact and is the central voice of the students. It is made up of seven students. Elections take place in May. The one-year term of office begins on 1st June of each year.

The three members of the AStA with the most votes also belong to the Senate by law. It is quite common that the AStA also receives support from other non-elected students.

General Students’ Committee (SSV)

The Student Committee (SSV) acts as an independent recreational student body and represents the students in all non-academic matters.

At the beginning of the summer term two chairpersons from the first semester of the B.A. Programme “Public Management” are elected for one year. Their main tasks include the coordination, preparation and chairing of SSV meetings as well as the organisation of the annual summer festival of Kehl University. Furthermore, they are responsible for welcoming the first year students (freshers) and for the organisation of the “freshers’ run”.

Contact details of the SSV chair: ssv(at)

The SSV finances itself through balls, information events and the annual summer festival. The leisure programme stands and falls with the commitment of the respective students.


The SSV is divided into different subcommittees. Each subgroup is dedicated to a specific theme:



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